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I’ve been having a blast the past couple months working on a new series, and I can finally share the news: I’ve come aboard “Transporter: The Series.” We’ll be shooting starting next month in Morocco, Prague and Toronto. It’s going to be great!

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“X-Files” Question(s)

Hey there Frank! My name’s Clay, just recently getting into the series (currently on S6E9), and it’s without a doubt grabbed me like no other series have, never have I been so emotionally invested in a TV show, so first of all I’d like to thank you for that. Onto my question. what did you […]

“Transporter: The Series” continues

HI! My name is Alessandra and I live in Milan. I’m a fan of¬†Transporter and especially of Chris Vance! who, in my opinion, ¬†should star in a new series of James Bond! I hope to see soon the new series of Transporter. When do you go to Prague? And you’ll be shooting scenes in France? […]