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I’ve been having a blast the past couple months working on a new series, and I can finally share the news: I’ve come aboard “Transporter: The Series.” We’ll be shooting starting next month in Morocco, Prague and Toronto. It’s going to be great!

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Frank's Mailbag
Appreciating “Hunted”

Dear Frank, I have been rewatching Hunted after I finally got me the DVDs for my birthday in April. I really failed at making sense of the pilot three times or so. Mostly due to the fact that I watched it at like 2:30 AM. For Breaking Bad that seemed to work. But since I […]

“The U-Files?”

Hi Frank, I just read Jason’s email regarding the 50’s and 60’s for The X-Files. It is something I have also thought about. Everything Jason mentioned is a good backdrop for the storyline, and I’m sure there would be room for lots more. The only different spin I would put on it would be to […]